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My favorite dry Argan oil! By Katie Cung

Hey guys! 
This winter, I've been trying out a bunch of skincare products because, let's be honest, with the weather we've been having, my skin is not too happy. I was approached by MASHä Cosmetiques, a Quebec based company, to try out their famous 100% pure Argan oil. Let's just say I'm slightly obsessed. *All opinions voiced here are my own*
The 100% pure Argan oil from MASHä Cosmetiques is packed with Omega-6 and vitamin E, which gives your skin an insane amount of moisture, while not greasing up or clogging your pores because it's a completely dry oil. 
The benefits of Argan oil are well known, but for those who don't know, Argan oil is a strong anti-aging agent (helps prevent wrinkles), works wonders for the hair (prevents hair loss and dry scalp) and is liquid gold for the skin (works great on eczema and dehydrated skin). I personally love it for my dry scalp and skin during the harsh winter. I apply it in the morning right after washing my face, and at night at the end of my skincare routine. 
To be completely honest, if you had asked me 2 years ago if I cared that the products I used were bio-certified or not, I probably would've answered no. But recently, I have been testing out bio, vegan and cruelty-free products and I have to admit that they are just as good, if not wayyy better, than the ones full of chemicals. I have been absolutely loving the fact that this dry 100% pure Argan oil is bio-certified and also respects the of rules fair-trade (marché équitable).
And how perfect is this packaging?! Not only is the silver glitter super duper cute, but the bottle comes with an airless pump which means no bacteria can contaminate the product!
You can shop MASHä Cosmetiques right here:
Hope you guys give it a try! 
With love, Katie x

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